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Banner photo showing students playing music with the tagline Teaching Them to Fly

Quad Cities Christian School

Quad Cities Christian School is an Illinois State Board of Education Fully Recognized School

The Quad Cities Christian School is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian school, from the 7th through the 12th grades. We have many churches represented by our parents, students, and teachers at QCCS.

Why Choose Christian Education?

  1. To provide a positive Christ centered atmosphere
  2. To provide a competitive quality education
  3. To train and instruct students in God's word
  4. To disciple students as believers in Christ
  5. To teach students from a Christian viewpoint in all subjects
  6. To provide Christ-centered athletic and extra curricular activities
  7. To support the Christian church, home, and family
  8. To provide financial support to students in need


Welcome to QCCS promotional video

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Photo of the Quad Cities Christian School student skit for the Student Hunger Drive

QCCS was awarded 2000 pounds of canned food to start out their efforts for the Student Hunger Drive!!! They won with their skit of their version of "lean on me" at the October 5th kick off for the River Bend Student Led Food Drive beating out 17 schools for first place! Congratulations!!! Check out the video of their skit here!

Photo of Quad Cities Christian School retreat

QCCS Senior High School Retreat at Pine Lake Christian Camp
What a great time of fellowship, fun, food, friendship, and fantastic time in the Word!
Thank you Camp Team and a special thank you to Gerad Hall and Lewis Knudsen!!!