Quad Cities Christian School announces the hiring of A New Superintendent

Quad Cities Christian School has announced that beginning May 1st, Mr. Jeremy Steiner will become the new superintendent of both campuses, which encompasses a leadership responsibility of pre-school through 12th grade. In the 1970’s Moline Gospel Temple proudly established one of the Quad Cities’ premier Christian schools with hundreds of graduates being accepted into the finest colleges and careers in America. We continue that tradition of excellence with two campuses to serve the families of the Quad Cities and a faculty and staff that focuses on the academic, spiritual and social skills of every student.

Mr. Steiner has a strong background of leadership, expertise and experience that has proven to bring exceptional growth to the organizations that he has served. Mr. Steiner has studied at Moody Bible Institute, Oral Roberts University and graduated from Regent University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. As the superintendent of QCCS, he will effectively serve as the CEO; responsible for the effective operation of the school, general administration of all instructional, business, and other aspects. He will administer and supervise the school and its employees, lead development of educational program improvement, foster a culture of positive, engaged learners, and serve as a strong advocate for the school’s core values — including developmental philosophy and parental involvement. He will work closely with a Curriculum Director/Board to plan and design QCCS’s innovative curriculum, as well as design and implement teacher training for effective curriculum implementation.

He will ensure that the expanding school program provides all students with core academics (i.e. reading and writing, math, social studies and science) and that the students receive academic enrichment, such as arts, music, PE, and language instruction. He will also work collaboratively with Alicia Cummings who will continue as the school administrator of the high school and Laura Stout, the principal of the elementary campus, office staff, teachers, curriculum board, QCCS school board and the MGT New Hope church council to provide consistent and effective school leadership. The base of operations will be the high school campus, where Mr. Steiner will also be involved in the daily life and activities of the students and the school. We are excited to welcome the Steiner family to the Quad Cities!