Student Health


Every student should go to school healthy, eager, and in good spirits so he will have a successful school day. Above all, he should develop good health habits. Sufficient sleep, three well-balanced meals, and proper dressing habits are most important.

Since many illnesses, including colds, are communicable, children should be kept at home at the start of an illness. Likewise, pupils with vomiting and/or diarrhea will be sent home after notifying parents or guardian. The office should be informed when prolonged illness necessitates absence. Special health problems should be communicated to the office.

Vision and auditory screening is done for students beginning in the fall. Rechecks on students with questionable vision are performed with a follow-up form sent to the parents.


Illinois State Law requires that all school children be immunized with the following:

· Five Diphtheria, Tetanus, & Whooping Cough (1 booster must be on or after 4th birthday)

· Four Oral Poliomyelitis (a booster must be on or after the 4th birthday)

· One Measles-Mumps-Rubella (after 15 months and by age two)

Students who lack one or more of the above required immunizations will be suspended from school after a 30-day notification period!

For more details on immunization requirements, please contact the office.


Any child who has been absent because of illness or has been sent home from school because of illness should remain at home until he/she is free of fever for 24 hours. For the protection of other children, all cases of communicable disease should be reported to the school at once. Illness or conditions that fall within the guidelines of the Department of Public Health as a reportable communicable disease will be reported as mandated by law.


The office will not provide internal medicine such as Aspirin or Tylenol to any student. Prescribed medicine may be taken only under the supervision of the office (the office must have written directions from the parents or physician).


Limited participation in the physical education program may be provided for those who are recovering from a serious illness or injury. An excuse from a medical doctor requesting exemption from all or part of the physical education program should be sent to the school office. This excuse should detail the duration of the request and the specific reasons for the exemption; and, if appropriate the type of activities from which the student is exempted. Student excused from physical education will also be inside for recess. A one to two day temporary exclusion from P.E. will be honored with a note from the parent.