Attendance Policy

9 Day Attendance Policy

Regular daily attendance is the responsibility of the parent (or guardian). Temple Christian Elementary is committed to the philosophy that in order for quality education to occur, regular attendance is necessary and required. There is a close correlation between poor attendance and lack of achievement. Absences will be determined by the administration to be excused or unexcused. If parents need to take a child from school during school hours, arrangements should be made through the office. If a student must leave school for any reason, he/she must be escorted by an adult. A student must be present at least one-half of the school instructional day in order to be recorded present for that day (1 1/2 hrs. is considered 1/2 day absent in the school instructional day).

A student is allowed 2 days of make-up for every day of excused absence. A student is allowed a maximum of 9 days absent from school in a year. This policy includes all absences, including those covered by parental excuse with the exception of those initiated by the school or accompanied with a physician’s excuse.

Absence Letters

· At 5 unexcused absences a student letter may be sent home.

· At 8 unexcused absences a referral may be made to the Regional Office of Education.

· At 9 absences of any combination (excused or unexcused) further action may be taken.

Exceptions will be made only if the student has verification of an extended illness documented by a physician. This verification must be turned into the main office upon the student’s return to school. (Parents are asked to notify the office when they first learn of the possibility of an extended illness. Arrangements for school work can be made through the main office.)If a student is absent due to illness, the teacher will be very willing to assemble appropriate materials for study at home.


Students who arrive at school after 8:30 (tardy) must sign in at the office. Students who MUST leave school between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30 must “sign out” through the office. Permission-To-Enter

Class Permit (pink slip) will be issued to students who arrive after 8:30. Written parental permission must be

presented in the office and initialed by the teacher for those students who leave before 3:30 or the teacher

may send the student to the office. Each TARDY is recorded on the student’s Individual Pupil Record.

Every 3 unexcused tardies/unexcused early departures will count as a half-day absent. This record becomes a part of the student’s Permanent Record. It is the responsibility of the parents to have the students here on time.


· Personal illness or injury

· Death in the immediate family

· Family emergency

· Medical or dental appointment

· Court or administrative proceedings


· Truancy (skipping school)

· Transportation problems

· Oversleeping (missing your ride, running late, arriving after classes have started)

· Vacations

· Business that could be handled outside of the school day.