Dress Code

Students may wear jeans, slacks, dresses, blouses, shirts or any other types of clothing appropriate to the gender of the individual which does not violate the intent of the dress code. The important rule of school dress is good taste. We want students to be comfortable, but neat. Students are expected to dress modestly and appropriately at all times.
Examples of APPROPRIATE attire include the following:
• Dresses, culottes and skirts no shorter than two inches above the knee.
• Leggings or jeggings may be worn only with dresses or shirts that are no shorter than 2” above the knee.
• Necklines which are not low-cut, tank tops with shoulder straps as wide as a hand, (spaghetti straps are not acceptable), clothing which is not tight-fitting, and outfits with no bare midriff or undergarments showing (skin must not show around the midriff when the student is standing, sitting, bending over, or raising their arms above their heads.)
• Shorts no shorter than the tips of the fingers when the arms are at their sides (Spandex, biking, tight-fitting, etc.shorts are prohibited).
• Items with no suggestive lettering, pictures, symbols, names of rock groups or abusive language written on them.
• Clean, tidy tennis shoes with shoe laces tied for all grades, and flip-flops in warm weather for 7th and 8th graders only. Shoes for grades PS-6th must have a backstrap (for safety reasons).
• Pants or shirts without patches, holes, or pant cuffs that are frayed or slit.
• Neat haircuts for boys and girls. (Spiked, faddish hair coloring, hair hanging in eyes or over the collar [for boys], or razor shaved portions are not allowed.)
• Earrings for boys are prohibited.
• Sweat pants (fleece) for gym class only.
• *Clothes that fit properly.
• Tattoos or piercings are not appropriate at school (exception: earrings for girls.)
*Pants or shorts may NOT be worn below the waist. Pants must fit at the waist. The crotch must be at an appropriate level. Oversized/baggy pants are not acceptable.