Grading Policy

If the school and home are to work together effectively for the welfare of the students, then it is essential that there be good communication between the teacher, students, and parents. Grade marks, report cards and progress reports are a means of reporting student progress at four points in the year and are a part of this communication process. The grade marks given are an overall evaluation of the student’s work in a subject. If this overall evaluation

is to have significance, then it is necessary that the standards upon which the evaluation is made be understood by teacher, students and parents.


Report cards are issued after each 9-week quarter. Two quarter grades are averaged together to determine the

semester grade which goes on the student’s permanent record. Interim reports are issued after the 4th week of each quarter for students with an average of D or F in any subject.

An F grade on a report card is considered below the acceptable standard for students in Temple Christian.


A+   99-100                                           C+   82-83

A     95-98                                             C     73-81

A-   93-94                                            C-     71-72

B+   91-92                                            D+   69-70

B     86-90                                             D     61-68

B-   84-85                                             D-     60

                                                              F     59-0




Honor Roll students must have a grade point average of 3.0, High Honor 3.5 or above, and Eagle Award students must have a 4.0 average (or all A’s).


Certificates will be presented to all Honor Roll students after each nine week grading period.